SG Pilates Animated Video Commission

I’m really pleased to be able to show you all my commission edit for SG Pilates.

Sue contacted me having seen the YouTube intro that I’d created for Tia Blanco, as she really liked it and thought something similar would work great for her Pilates business.

She teaches and practices a variety of different disciplines including pilates, barre, meditation, yoga, bowls and gongs, and wanted to include all of them in an animation that showcased what she does.

I asked her to film her performing each of these, which I was then able to put together into an edit, timed to work and interact with the music. This flows through each individual style, but starts and ends with the same sitting meditation, which felt like it gave it a sense of going full circle and feeling whole and complete.

I based all of these videos around her logo in the centre of the screen, even being able to have the animations interact with it at times, such as being the gong, or the heart morph at the end. This also had the symbolic meaning of being at the centre of all she does.

I then spent days rotoscoping these videos, drawing the outlines frame by frame, as this really captures that it is her performing these movements and not just an animated character.

I feel it gives the animations a far more personal touch and is relatable to the person in them. She could show it to people and they would know it was her, which was really important and it gives the animation a real sense of her as a person.

With the outlines completed, I then added the extra hand-drawn animations in blue, matching the logo to tie it all together and really bring it to life, adding an extra dynamic to the whole thing.

I’m really pleased with how the final animation has turned out. Let me know what you think?

Thank you @sgpilates for putting your faith in me to create this for you and for being such a great client. I’m really pleased that you like it and I hope you can use it to get even more people to your awesome classes.

If you’d like a personalised animation like this, for you or your business, please feel free to send me a message and I’d be happy to have a chat with you and see what we can do.

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